Friday, January 6, 2017


So many books, so little time. If you're a reader, you've thought about this on more than one occasion. My one little word this year is RELEASE. One of the ways I'm practicing release this year is by reading what I want to read and not what I think I'm supposed to read. This year's must read books for me only include those I've been wanting to read.

I'm happy to join my good friend Carrie Gelson's #mustreadin2017. 

For this list I'm choosing 11 books, which means that I will commit to reading one book a month (and I left a blank for one I might find later). I plan to read 52 books this year, but they will be picture books. The books I'm putting on my list are books that are for me, some nonfiction and some fiction.  I know that I can never read everything I want to read, so this will be a great place to start. 
Check out There's a Book For That to read others' #mustreadin2017 lists.


  1. You have some lovely titles on your list Kimberly. The Imaginary is just the right amount of creepy. I am also looking forward to

  2. I just started Some Writer! and I'm in love with this man, who became an Andy. You also make me want to do this must read thing. I have the stack, actually I have stacks. Thanks for the titles to add to my stacks (via the library).

  3. I adore Some Writer! &want to read Lab Girl. Some are on my list, too, but others are new to me & will note them. Thanks, Kimberley and Happy Reading!

  4. Release
    What a great word!
    What a great plan for your reading!

  5. I am so pleased you joined in this year! Some Writer! is pretty incredible! And of course, I LOVED Counting Thyme. Have been raving about it ever since I read it!