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Nervous Girl


It's come on suddenly
with such force.

She used to play.
In the dark.

Now she won't
leave my side.
Now she cries
when I go
for dinner.


Let's hope it's
a phase.

Christmas Comes Once a Year

When I wake up, I can feel the heavy lump at the end of my bed. My left foot jiggles the weight so the bell on my stocking will jingle. It is Christmas morning! This is the single best day of the year in our house. My mother will be happy all day. On this morning, I wake in my brother's room as I have every Christmas day. We sleep in the same room so we can open our stockings right when we wake up. When they hear the bell jingle, they wake right up. Matthew, my twin, sits up and starts opening presents before he is even fully awake. Christopher, who is just a year and a few months older than us, keeps his eyes closed. "Don't tell me what everything is! I want to see for myself." The stockings, made by the Women's Exchange in New York City, stretch to accommodate a ridiculous amount of wrapped presents, yet there were still some that don't fit in.
The shear amount of presents in the stocking would be enough for many children alone. It is overindulgent and tha…

Christmas Without

Poetry Friday is being hosted over at my dear friend Tara Smith's blog. ____________________________________________ There is no tree in my house
but my mom says the ficus will have to do
plus, I looked it up and
it's an extremely important food source for wildlife, so
that's good.

We have no stockings or a fireplace
but my dad says our socks above the stove will work
plus, I looked it up and
it's not really a part of the Christmas story, so
that's good.

Most of our presents will be fruit
but my mom says fruit is nutritious
plus, I looked it up and
if we eat fruit we can be sure we don't get scurvy, so
that's good.

My mom is unravelling one of her sweaters
but my dad says the socks she knits will be filled with love
plus, I looked it up and
some natives reuse yarn to honor the sheep who gave it, so
that's good.

I don't talk about ours at school
but my dad says all traditions are important
plus, I looked it up and
a tradition is really just a belief…

Re-Writing a Book

A few years ago, I couldn't sleep. I lay in bed wondering what would Hattie do if the land wasn't proofed. I got up and wandered out to the living room in the cabin we'd rented in the mountains for Christmas. I opened up Kirby Larson's Hattie Big Sky and made sure Hattie was okay. As soon as I finished, I downloaded Hattie Ever After (thank God Kindle downloads don't require wifi) and started in on that. I followed up those two by reading everything Kirby Larson has ever written--that I know about.

So when I was reading her blog a couple years later, I took note when she told a story about her struggle to write books. She shared that she couldn't come up with an idea and she wasn't sure how it was going to happen. So she opened up a book she thought was like the book she wanted to write, and re-wrote the whole book. If I could find the link to her story, I would share it here.

Fast forward to a few months ago when I realized I needed to write a book, but c…


No easy words come.
Doesn't feel natural yet.
Starting can be hard.

Mouse Hunters

Driving down the road in my town, I looked carefully for the road where I was supposed to turn. As I looked to the left, I saw this. It literally took my breath away. I pulled over to the side of the road to make sure what I was seeing was real. I felt like the godfather was sending me a message.
I was born and bred in NYC and later moved to southern Maine. You don't see much of this in those parts. I am also not a hunter--though I do eat meat. Now we live further North and I have to admit that I wondered if our move would suit us as I drove away from these hanging deer.

That said, my husband and I have become hunters ourselves now. We are thinking we might film a new pilot called Mouse Hunters. Our assault weapon looks fairly old fashioned, but works beautifully. When loaded with peanut butter, we can catch those suckers in 15 minutes or less.
Some people have asked if we use the kind traps and set them free. Those people clearly don't live in an old house in the country. If …

Poetry Friday: Happiness

ˈhapēnəs/ noun the state of being happy. "she struggled to find happiness in her life" synonyms:pleasurecontentmentsatisfaction, cheerfulness, merrimentgaietyjoy, joyfulness, joviality, jollitygleedelight, good spirits, lightheartedness, well-beingenjoyment; More
as in: bringing your homework folder back to school with completed homework in it

as in: getting your morning work done without any confusion

as in: remembering your boots and your sneakers

as in: choosing any book you want for your book bin

as in: having art today instead of PE

as in: sitting anywhere you want in the cafeteria during lunch

as in: knowing your mother is picking you up from school today

Why I'm not a Scientologist.

I've been seeing a lot of Leah Remini stuff around lately because of her new book. This reminded me of something that happened to me. 
A story about me
Once I was living in Boston alone and I was super lonely. I would often try to find different things to do during the day to pass the time. 
So, one day I saw a flyer about coming to the Church of Scientology to see a movie. I went. It was in this beautiful brownstone house right in Boston. When I came in, there was a display case with all of L. Ron Hubbard's books and other Scientology things that could be purchased.  It was like a little store and not like a church at all. The couple behind the counter wore black turtlenecks and skinny pants and had necklaces on the outside of their turtleneck. They looked like they were right out of an Audrey Hepburn beatnik movie. I was just about to turn to leave because it was so weird, when they suddenly focused on me. After a few quick introductions, they whisked me off to a room with s…

My Happiness Project

It's December and I'm cheating, or let's just call it planning ahead. I've already decided on my OLW--one little word for those unsure. Happiness. It really cannot be overrated. I bought myself two presents for Christmas. I do that. I like to be sure I give myself something that I know I'll use. The cheating part is that I'm already reading one of the books.

This book:

I'm reading it because I need to be ready on January 1 to spring into action. Based on this book which is well written and perfect for someone like me who really needs to plan and set goals, I have decided to slow way down on my writing freelance work and focus only on writing a children's chapter book. I've given myself three months which means either March 1 or April 1 depending on when I hit my stride. Even I agree that it may be missing the mark to start this project December 1 since that is such a busy month, but I'm leaving that option open. So I'm wrapping up all of my…