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Change and growth

I have left my second grade teaching position. I never feel sad about leaving something. I did love the people in my school--loved the camaraderie, loved my best friend being down the hall for a quick chat or joke as I walked through her classroom, mostly loved my teaching partner whom I was excited to see each morning. I won't miss those people though, I will have them in my life in different ways now. I will instead remember those times fondly because we laughed a lot.

I love the adventures I have in my life. I am not afraid to try new things. In fact, I throw myself into my new ventures as a researcher on a hot trail to discover the previously undiscovered.

I will be the new gifted and talented teacher in our district. There are only two of us and it is a big district. We focus primarily on grades 3-8. We met yesterday and I was thrilled to find someone who threw around big ideas and exciting projects in the same way I do. We talked books and intellect and how we want things t…

Boating Life

sun tree line water We set out at dusk.
We wanted nothing more than a quiet moment.
Just the four of us. father mother son daughter
The breeze cooled our skin. The rocking soothed our souls for a moment. Just the four of us. calm joy peace love
Suddenly, my daughter stood  on the bow. She raised her arms high palms flat, fingers spread and let out a long, loud whoop.
Then, there was silence
to show we agreed.

Morning Routine

Tuesdays I write with one of my favorite communities from Two Writing Teachers.

Every morning my husband and I wake together. It could be 4:30am or 6:00am. Whoever is more awake says, "Are you up? Let's go down." Then, we pull on our pajama bottoms left the night before on the brown leather chair in our bedroom. Next, I go into the bathroom upstairs, while he creaks down the stairs to the kitchen bathroom. After, we make our coffee, grab our laptops and head to the screened in porch. He is not a writer, but he surfs the net and looks for jobs. I write out three pages of morning foggy thinking a la Julia Cameron. Every so often one of us will say to the other, "Can I ask you a quick question?" It is here that we talk about our plans for the day and tell each other how happy we are to have this time together. It is here I know I married the right man for me.

I'm back and I missed you.

It's been a great summer. I am transformed in so many ways. As a writer:I joined a new community filled with writersI went to writing workshopsI started developing a real freelance writing careerI turned myself into a bonafide writerAs a teacher: I thought I would be sad to start planning my year because I thought it would make me feel like I wasn't pursuing my writing seriously enough, but I found that I missed my classroom and I can't wait to see those kids in September. My room is going to be transformed because are bonafide writer is now teaching them.
As a blogger: I missed my blogging communityI missed hearing from Cathy, Margaret, Mary Lee, Kathleen, and TaraI missed reflectingI missed reviewing So I'm very glad to be back and ready to connect. Starting Tuesday, August 18th, I plan to launch back into slice of life Tuesdays and poetry Fridays. I'm not committing to anything else right now because that's what caused my screeching halt.